Adidas officially created new football boots

especially when the ‘retro style’ is blowing, it is obviously worthy of you. As for the color scheme, it is natural to choose the classic white/red/blue. All Star S Converse Classic Low-cut Samsung Standard Canvas High-cut Couple Casual Shoes PUMA SMASH V L Casual Shoes RMB Current price RMB. In addition to canvas shoes, various styles of retro casual shoes are also the best choice for summer wear. For example, this pair of SMASH V L casual shoes from PUMA has a simple and classic low-top appearance, a clean and refreshing white upper, and a colorful PUMA track line that can be called the ‘finishing touch’. Not only is it full of retro style, but the price is also quite affordable. Well, that’s it! . PUMA SMASH V L Puma classic black and white white shoes low-top women’s casual shoes Li Ning’s new casual white shoes yuan Current price yuan. In addition to various foreign brands, there are many domestic products that are suitable for us to wear in summer. For example, Li Ning’s white shoes, which just went on the market, are quite a good choice. With a retro-flavored appearance, the upper made of artificial leather and breathable mesh is comfortable to wear. With the Li Ningyun cushioning technology in the midsole, the wearing comfort is quite good. It is stylish, easy to wear and not expensive. Would you like to support the domestic products this summer? . Li Ning casual shoes men’s shoes new wear-resistant non-slip casual shoes couple shoes white shoes fashion sports shoes

If the friends also have plans to bring their own water, then the editor here recommends a few suitable kettles and functional drink granules, let’s take a look! . UP STYLE sports water bottle. It is made of food-grade PC material, the capacity is milliliters, and the bottle body has a scale. It has excellent sealing and does not leak water. The spout can be opened with one hand without heat preservation. It is very suitable for normal and sports use. This sports bottle is suitable for small friends to store the brewed sports drinks, and the lack of heat also means that you will not be too hot when drinking. Plastic water cup for sports and fitness, large-capacity space cup, portable student water bottle pot, creative personality teacup water house for men and women, large-capacity sports bottle. The material is food-grade plastic, which is characterized by large L and .L capacities, especially for drinking water when preparing to play football in summer. It comes with a leak-proof sealing ring, a built-in straw and a portable buckle. It is very suitable for sports. Large-capacity water cup sports bottle fitness space cup ml super portable female plastic male cup with straw thermos leopard print water bottle. In winter, teammates all use thermos cups, because if ordinary kettles are placed outdoors, they will almost freeze to ice. In general, there is no problem in choosing thermos for a thermos water bottle. The volume can be milliliters or milliliters, which is enough to meet the water needs of winter sports. It should be noted that the water temperature must be well controlled when using a thermos. If you use boiling water, you can ensure that you don’t even want to drink it for the entire game. In addition, the thermos flask actually has a cold preservation function, and it is also possible to pour ice drinks in the summer! . Thermos thermal water bottle, Baoshui special powder granule. Baokuang Lishuite is currently one of the mainstream sports functional beverages, and its granules can also be purchased in China, and you can fill it up in advance every time. Each pack of granules is gram, generally L water flushing pack is standard operation. Baomine Lishuite powder sports electrolyte supplement beverage bag g box is the same as the original Japanese biosteel sports functional beverage. Baique is also a very popular sports function drink. Drinking during exercise can effectively and reasonably replenish the lost electrolyte sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc., as well as vitamin B group. The method of using the granule is to wash two packs of water with L water, and then shake it well. McGrady’s same biosteel solid beverage sports functional beverage granules mixed with berries. g is environmentally friendly and healthy. It is better to bring your own for playing football! .