I recommend midfield commanders to try this PUMA evoTOUCH Pro FG football shoe.

As a hardcore PUMA fan with nearly a hundred pairs of PUMA football shoes, the author’s first impression of evoTOUCH is mixed. The good news is that PUMA has finally launched a new series, and the design has also escaped the shadow of traditional football shoes, keeping up with the market trend; the worry is that evoTOUCH has used the popular knitted socks and mid-top collar designs in recent years. I don’t catch a cold very much, because no matter how high-tech it is, it’s useless to wear it uncomfortably. In fact, there are many examples of conflicting knit socks and mid-top collar designs among professional players. However, after experiencing it, the author had to look at evoTOUCH with admiration. This time we will talk about PUMA evoTOUCH Pro FG in detail. Wearing feeling. The collar design of evoTOUCH Pro FG outperforms other mid-to-high football boots on the market. In fact, I don’t know how to define the upper height of evoTOUCH Pro FG, because its collar does not cover the protruding parts of the ankle on both sides, but is much higher on the front and rear sides. Coupled with the moderate elasticity and excellent elasticity of evoKNIT material, when wearing shoes, as long as both hands pull the front and back shoe handles, the feet are sent forward and can be easily worn. Because the ankle is exposed outside the collar, flexibility is not affected at all. At the same time, after the sock is wrapped around the feet, and then tighten the shoelaces, the wrapping of the ultra-thin kangaroo skin feels very comfortable. What I like the most is its insole design. The original intention of the design is to provide adaptability to different foot widths through the use of insoles. For example, the author has fat feet with a width of centimeters, and the instep is high, so you can use evoTOUCH Pro FG without insoles. After the kangaroo skin is opened, you can use the insoles to increase the sense of wrapping. However, it should be noted that the soles of the feet will feel a bit rusty when the insole is not insole, so you must wear it on a softer ground. Vamp performance. The evoTOUCH series focuses on the touch of the ball and the player’s control over the football. We have seen that many brands use knitted materials on their shoes for midfielders. However, in order to meet the requirements of fierce competition, knitted materials are often made very thick and dense. At the same time, the outer layer will increase the hot melt film to improve the durability, but it will reduce the softness of the upper and the player’s perception of football. decline. evoTOUCH Pro FG solves the integration of the advantages of softness, touch and durability of the upper by adding ultra-thin kangaroo leather on the outside of the knitted layer. At the same time, the knitted layer is separated from the dermis layer, which functions as wrapping and ball contact respectively. In actual combat, evoTOUCH Pro FG will not have the pinch feel of other knitted mid-to-high-top control sneakers. It is more comfortable to wear and more casual when touching the ball. A whole large area of ​​kangaroo skin has no stitches and is very flat. When passing short passes, you can basically hit whatever you want. In order to pursue the best touch, the ultra-thin kangaroo is not filled underneath the skin, and the force is not enough for long passes and shots. In addition, the rotation of the ball is still slightly inferior to today’s high-tech artificial vamp. Sole performance. The round studs of evoTOUCH Pro FG perform very well on real grass. With the anti-slip block in the shoe cavity, the shoes perfectly become the extension of the feet. When the ball is turned around, the foot is silky smooth and very smooth. Although there is not even a nail, but thanks to the longer stud length and the SpeedTrack strengthening ridge in the foot, the start acceleration is very powerful. When the insoles are not insoles, the feet are directly on the midsole. Although this attempt is novel, there is no discomfort in actual combat. If you only consider the performance of evoTOUCH Pro FG’s soles on real grass, it can definitely get full marks. However, in the second time the author wore it on artificial grass, it showed signs of inadequacy. The main reason is that its too long spikes are difficult to step into the grass, the knees are under a lot of pressure when starting and turning, and the vamp cannot find the touch point at the bottom of the football during long passes. It is recommended to use the AG version of evoTOUCH Pro on artificial grass. General comment. PUMA evoTOUCH Pro FG is among the mid-to-high-top knit upper control sneakers on the market today. Blue is better than blue. It combines knitting and leather to provide players with better touch, wearing comfort and upper durability. , At the same time, the lower price also makes it far more cost-effective than competitors at the same level. As long as there is a good enough venue, I recommend midfield commanders to try this PUMA evoTOUCH Pro FG football shoe.

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