Nike PREMIER II SALA football boots

Poron cushioning material is added to the heel to improve wearing comfort. The surface of the insole is made of quick-drying materials to save you the trouble of soaking the insole. The most important point is that the price of less than yuan is really ‘cabbage’. Decathlon sports insoles for men and women, cushioning, breathable, sweat-absorbent, support, basketball, running, stretch, thickening, Zanster Filmista, football ankle support yuan. In autumn and winter, the annoying guy Weijiao seems to find you more easily. At this time, you need Zanst Filmista football ankle support to ‘escort’ your ankle. Specially developed for football, it adopts a thin and light design, while providing protection for your ankles, it keeps you comfortable and agile, so you can devote yourself to the game without any hesitation. Zanster football ankle support men and women sports sprains running ankle support foot feather basketball ankle protection filmista Li Ning professional support compression patella belt yuan Current price yuan. A site hardened by the cold not only causes damage to the ankle joint, but also to the knee joint. If you want to keep your knee joint healthy after a winter of battle, you need a Li Ning professional support compression patella belt. The built-in rubber support rod provides more stable support and compression for the knee joint, and the firm Velcro prevents the trouble of falling off the protective gear. The most important point is that the excellent price-performance ratio allows you to buy it without any pain. Li Ning patella belt knee protection sports female meniscus injury men’s basketball running compression belt protective gear fitness equipment Zanster JK-patella belt knee protection yuan Current price yuan. Want more protection with a knee injury? Then consider this JK-patella belt knee pad by Zanst. This innovative product that combines the patella strap and the knee pad has excellent protection performance. The unique PT pad design effectively reduces knee swelling and pain. Although the price is not cheap, considering that this is a two-in-one product, it is actually very cost-effective. What’s more, its protective effect is really better than many medium protective knee pads on the market. Japan ZAMST Zanster knee pads sports JK-basketball volleyball fitness knee pads men and women mountaineering running knee pads

adidas Predator Mania. FG football boots. Start with a pair of new boots to welcome the coming of the year, then choose this pair of Predator Mania. football boots celebrating the birth anniversary of the Predator series! It is the most worthy style in the Predator Mania series launched by Adidas this time. In addition to the feelings of kangaroo leather uppers and friction strips, ‘white/red/black’ is the style that Beckham used to wear. Nowadays, merchants are carrying out full discounts, and the prices are even more affordable. Zaghi Sports Adidas Predator. FG ADV limited edition natural grass football shoes PUMA FUTURE. NETFIT MG football shoes yuan Current price yuan. From the perspective of actual combat, it is the wisest choice to start with the new PUMA FUTURE. NETFIT MG football shoes. After all, it has a MG outsole that can be said to be all-terrain, and it has better grip than ordinary TF. The boots are much better. Of course, as the latest product of the FUTURE series, the new upper is really much softer than the previous generations, and touch technology is added to the upper to improve ball control performance. With it, I believe you will be more powerful on the new year’s court. Tianlang Football PUMA FUTURE. High-end MG nailed grass football shoes ASICS DESTAQUE TF FF football shoes yuan Current price yuan. For the ‘TF Party’, in the new year, let the new color matching ASICS DESTAQUE TF FF football shoes that look prosperous to accompany you on the pitch. In addition to the red appearance full of New Year’s breath, FlyteFoam lightweight cushioning midsole and GEL, which are commonly used in running shoes, have been transplanted to this pair of small field boots by ASICS, with TF outsoles arranged in studs. , Cushioning performance and grip performance are satisfactory, and the configuration of the no-line kangaroo leather upper looks even more high-end. Tianlang Football ASICS Destaque TF Nailed Kangaroo Leather Wide Foot Football Shoes Nike Premier II Sala Football Shoes RMB Current price RMB. For the ’soccer dog’ who loves small fields and street football, this pair of Nike Premier II Sala football boots with a New Year’s atmosphere is obviously worth starting with. Not only because it has a festive red appearance, but also because it is a pair of sneakers that allows you to take everything inside and outside the stadium. The casual suede uppers are comfortable for playing football or for daily wear, and the outsole with cushioning midsole is even more comfortable to wear. As a pair of indoor/street football shoes, the excellent friction brought by the non-slip texture allows you to have a better performance on the field. Little plum: counter genuine Nike PREMIER II SALA football boots